Positivity in Performance Management

20 Jun

This blog focuses on managing performance while adhering to positive principles and is a part of the Los Angeles-based consulting practice, It’s About People.

One thing is certain about every business or enterprise: It’s About People.

We interact, coordinate, negotiate, discuss, make and fulfill agreements and contracts, experience and learn, grow, socialize, play and live … with people. As people, we like our skill and effectiveness in each of these actions (and many others) to grow. This is Performance Development.

It’s About People focuses on three areas in Performance Development:

  • Performance Management
  • Employee Development
  • Personal Development

Performance management is about your actions with people you lead, manage or supervise.

Employee Development is about making things better for a business or enterprise by making things better for its people.

Personal Development is about focusing on key principles in your life with increasing integrity.

We work with you to be more effective in all of your actions and interactions with people in your life. For greater effectiveness that leads to greater results, remember: It’s About People.

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Posted by on June 20, 2011 in It's About People


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